All of us wish to live our lives with compassion, wisdom, joy, and strength.  Despite rising material comfort, or even wealth or fame, many people today feel just as lonely, purposeless, fearful or angry.  There is still so much suffering in this world, not just from external circumstances such as hunger and disease, but from issues internal to a human soul.

We understand so much about the external world, but still so little about ourselves.  Scientific and industrial development has improved living standards of many but seems impotent when suffering comes from the inside.  Accelerating technological development is intoxicating but dangerous if it is not balanced by other areas of human development.

We have observed in our personal experiences that individual consciousness has a remarkable capacity to develop: from ignorance and prejudice to truth, from fear and emotional pain (conscious or unconscious) to joy, inner peace and freedom.  We believe everyone is capable of evolving their consciousness in that direction.

People with more evolved consciousness are able to allocate resources more wisely to reduce suffering of all kinds.

We wish to use our resources to facilitate evolution of consciousness for as many as people as possible.


  • We are open to both not-for-profit philanthropy and for-profit social entrepreneurship.

  • We are willing to get involved early and help recipients formulate their strategies, if we believe in the people and their vision.

  • We are passionate about projects that affect children and new parents.

  • We are attracted to projects that use technology to create leverage.

  • We prefer projects that affect those who are or will be in a position of power or influence, because they can make resonrce allocation decisions that will help others.

  • We prefer projects that enable us to use our human capital in addition to financial resources.

  • We appreciate the importance of science in understanding reality but recognize that the current scientific paradigm can only go so far in understanding consciousness and its evolution.  We wish to find a way to support the development of a new scientific paradigm that would be more aligned with what we learned about consciousness in our personal experiences.

  • While our overall mission is clear and unlikely to change, we will likely refine our approaches, values and beliefs, as our own consciousness keeps evolving.

About Us

  • Bo Shao

    Bo was born in China and won many national mathematics competitions in high school.  He left China for Harvard College on a full scholarship, one of the first such scholarships granted to a student from mainland China.  He studied physics and electrical engineering at Harvard, graduating summa cum laude in 1995.

    After working for the Boston Consulting Group and getting an MBA at Harvard Business School, he went back to China and started EachNet, which became the dominant consumer e-commerce company in China under his leadership and was acquired by eBay in a landmark transaction in 2003.

    At the age of 29, Bo retired, raised a family and travelled around the world for ten years.  He also co-founded and is a managing partner of Matrix Partners China, which became the leading venture capital firm in China, with over three billion dollars under management.  He is a significant investor and board member of multiple billion dollar companies.

    Having realized that material success doesn't buy happiness let alone true joy or freedom, Bo has been on a path of introspection and growth, accompanied by his wife Jenny and his friend Oleg.  He is still not sure what the purpose of his life is, but he feels so fortunate to have so much love in his family and to be so blessed in his life.  He is ready to give back and wants to learn as he goes.

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  • Oleg Gorelik

    Oleg's life is devoted to evolving his consciousness and helping others evolve theirs.

    His personal practice is his top priority.

    He helps others in two ways:

    • 1. Working directly with people, with an emphasis on those who are in a position to help others;
    • 2. Initiating and supporting projects that are likely to contribute to evolution/transformation of consciousness.

    Oleg has MA in chemistry from Moscow State University, MBA in finance from The Ohio State University, and MA/ABD in financial economics from Columbia Business School, all summa cum laude.

    He worked as a scientist and entrepreneur in the Soviet Union before moving to the US at the age 25.

    His first professional job in the U.S. involved designing and implementing a program for privatizing all commercial enterprises in Mongolia - the #1 economic reform of the first democratically elected Government of that country.  In less than 2 years over 450 companies had been privatized with no allegations of corruption.

    Oleg spent a number of years practicing as a financial planner for individuals and families as well as making his contribution to transforming financial planning from a sales job into a service profession focused on helping people use financial resources to live more fulfilling lives.

    While he still talks to people about the role of money in the broader context of their lives, his conversations with people involve whatever it is that it is most important to them.  Most often it turns out to be their relationship with themselves, others and the Spirit.

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For profit projects:

Insight Timer (https://insighttimer.com/)

Insight Timer aims to build the largest online community of spiritual teachers and those who are interested in personal growth and spirituality.  It enables students to identify appropriate teachers and follow their teachings, and teachers to upload, manage and disseminate their teachings and manage student relationships.  evolve.foundation is a significant investor in the company and Bo is on the board of directors.

Not-for-profit projects:

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (www.ibme.info)

iBme's mission is to run transformative retreats for teens, parents and professionals.  evolve.foundation funds a number of their retreat related activities and teacher training program.  We are actively involved in iBme's program development, including initiating and funding a new program at Harvard University.  We also help iBme explore a program to support mindfulness faculty at high schools, with the long-term goal of making mindfulness a standard component of high school curriculum around the country.

Ridhwan Foundation (www.ridhwan.org)

Ridhwan Foundation is the organization focused on teaching Diamond Approach to spiritual realization - a modern fourth-way spiritual teaching.  evolve.foundation has provided financial support for the foundation and its affiliated Ridhwan School in a number of ways.  Bo and Oleg are students of Diamond Approach.  Oleg is in training to be a teacher of Diamond Approach and contributes his human capital to the organization in other ways.

The Kedumah Institute (www.kedumah.org)

Kedumah™ is a spiritual teaching in the lineage of the Primordial Torah that expresses itself through the ancient principles of Hebrew mysticism, cutting-edge knowledge of psychology, the somatic healing arts, and spiritual science.  Oleg has been on the board of Kedumah Institute since its inception.

The Hoffman Institute Foundation (www.hoffmaninstitute.org)

The Hoffman Institute Foundation is dedicated to transformative adult education and spiritual growth, primarily through the Hoffman Process.  Founded in 1967, the Hoffman Process is a week-long residential retreat that helps participants identify negative behaviors, moods, and ways of thinking that developed unconsciously and were conditioned in childhood.  evolve.foundation funds scholarships for the students at the Institute.

The Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential at UCSB (www.cmhp.ucsb.edu)

The center conducts research on developing best strategies for teaching mindfulness and develops methodologies for applying those strategies at schools.  evolve.foundation helped fund the creation of this center and some of its operating activities.

Center for Mindfulness at Middlesex School (www.mxschool.edu/mindfulness)

This is the only school we know that has a full-time faculty member exclusively dedicated to teaching secular mindfulness to students, teachers, parents and alumni.  evolve.foundation is helping the school to share its experience and knowledge with other schools, with the aim of incorporating mindfulness in the curricula of other high schools around the country.


Not infrequently, we come across individuals who make remarkable impact on other people's lives but who undercharge or do not charge for their services.  They typically do not have the infrastructure or inclination to seek funding from donors.  We feel honored that some of these individuals trust us enough to accept our support.


If you are interested in helping us in this mission or have a project that fits our approaches, please contact us at contact@evolve.foundation.